It’s Beer Time Again in Copenhagen

Many people love to drink beer to relax and have a good time with friends. If you’re a beer enthusiast and would like to experience Denmark’s unique beer taste, then head on to Copenhagen for the biggest European Beer Festival this May.

This is one event you should not miss if you’re visiting Denmark at this time. Different beer types from all over the world will be presented during this festival giving people a rare opportunity to sample them at a very small price. 

Guided tours will also be offered to introduce visitors to selected beer types and to the Carlsberg premises. During this yearly beer festival, areas of the Carlsberg compound not normally open to the public such as the beer cellars and the horse stables will be made accessible to beer lovers. 

Apart from beer, food will also be served and musical entertainment will be provided around the Danish capital city. Thousands of people are expected to attend this major event. 

This European Beer Festival began in 2001 as a way for people to have a good time with friends and to highlight the art of beer brewing in Denmark. Last year, over 20,000 people visited the festival.

Beer is not only one of the oldest but even one of the most widely consumed alcoholic beverages in the world. In terms of popularity, it ranks third following water and tea. This drink dates back to the early Neolithic Age and has been included in the history of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. 

Brewing is the process of making beer while the building where this process is done refers to a brewery. Beer is normally made from water, malted barley, yeast and a flavoring such as hops. Additional ingredients include corn, rice or sugar. 

When it comes to beer, Denmark is known for its Carlsberg brewing company. This is also the name of a district in Copenhagen where the Carlsberg Breweries used to be located.

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