J-Day: Annual Launch of the Christmas Beer

There is one beer that has managed to make its presence felt in the Danish market especially during the Christmas holidays. In fact, its annual arrival is very much anticipated as early as November. Welcome Tuborg Julebryg or Tuborg Christmas Brew from Carlsberg. It is welcomed no less with a special day called the J-Day.

This Christmas beer surprisingly is the fourth best-selling beer in Denmark even if it’s only seasonal. Many associate this beer to the advertisement where Santa wears blue clothing instead of the very familiar red suit. It was actually a commercial made for the regular Tuborg Pilsner but it became so popular that it was eventually used for the Christmas beer with the blue and white mark as well. 

The J-Day tradition of annually welcoming the comeback of the Tuborg Christmas beer started in 1990. This day of celebration is observed during the first Friday of November. The start of the festive season is marked by Carslberg employees going around cafes and bars handing out free beer to guests as they sing a traditional Tuborg Christmas brew song. The day dedicated to this Christmas beer has become so well-known in the country that J-Day is actually found in the Danish dictionary.

This dark-golden beer is a result of mixing three beers. It has the aroma of caramel, grain, liquorice, and blackcurrant. It stands out among the many beers offered to the Danish market. Carslberg holds the advantage of dominating the beer market in Denmark especially since its buy-out of of main competitor, Tuborg. Still. several regional and microbreweries manage to survive and get their consumer share.

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