Looking for a holiday destination in Denmark where your whole family can enjoy leisure activities suited for different ages? Check out Jammerbugten (“Jammer Bay”), hailed as one of Denmark’s top 20 “Tankesteder” or natural beauty spots. It is situated in Northern Jutland and it is an outdoor paradise for all ages. Surrounding Jammerbugten are cities and towns that offer countless opportunities for unforgettable fun and relaxation – from camping, bathing in child-friendly beaches, cycling and hiking, golf to dining and sightseeing.

Jammerbugten is also a good starting point if you want to make a trip to other interesting places like Skagen and Aalborg. Here are some cities in Jammerbugten where you can be sure of having a good time with your family. Blokhus is a former fishing village turned beach town complete with Blue Flag-rated seaside holiday amenities – there are water parks, spas and plenty of holiday homes and cottages for big groups and families. Blokhus also offers one of the best dining experiences in the area where ingredients are locally sourced and fish caught fresh from the Northern Sea.

If you’re up for some shopping or visiting museums and galleries, head to Brovst. The town has over 50 shops and on special weekends are open until midnight. You can also find an art gallery in the manor house of Bratskov where the exhibitions change regularly and feature local artists. In Fjerritslev you can find one of Northern Europe’s best preserved breweries where a section has been turned into a museum displaying an exhibition on the time-honored tradition of beer brewing, period costumes and many more.

There is also a hawker’s market where you can buy the freshest produce in Jammerbugten. Other cities and towns worth visiting in the region include Gjol which was named “Denmark’s Village of the Year for 2007”, Pandrup, Saltum, Lokken and Tranum.

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