Kiddie Fun at BonBon-Land

It is said that there is a part of every person that remains a child. This should explain why BonBon-Land, a Danish amusement park located at Holme Ostrup continues to attract not only children but adults as well. It boasts of an average of 450,000 visitors per season. Not bad at all for an amusement park inspired by wacky candies made by its owner.

BonBon-Land can be considered an offshoot of a candy factory that many people wanted to visit. There was huge interest in seeing how the delicious candies were made by Danish sweets boiler Michael Spangsberg. He was especially famous for producing candies with funny names. The factory’s name was also BonBon-Land.

The design of the 34-acre park is as wacky as the candies that inspired it. The rides and general architecture of the building spells fun, fun, fun. What with such humorous items on display like a peeing ant and a farting dog. The theme park originally opened with a mini candy factory as a form of sustitute for the candy factory visits many people were clamoring for. Candy production requires observance of strict hygiene practices which visiting tours can compromise.

The park also opened with a cinema, a shop, and four small boats. Many attractions and rides have been added since. Soon, it became one of the most popular kiddie amusement parks in Denmark, Today, it is owned by a Spanish-based entertainment company which continues to package it as a family-oriented attraction. It continues to add rides and attractions for the purpose of always offering something new to the public. It is always exciting to await what comes next from a park that features candy characters with a dash of toilet humor.


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