Kids Enjoy Biking in Denmark

Most kids love to bike. And those who are so eager to bike learn to do it fast. That’s what kids are. They are so full of energy and biking is one of their favorite activities.

Fortunately, kids in Denmark have a full support system when it comes to biking. With a bike system in place, they can continue their love for biking even until they grow old. In fact, a research done by the University of Southern Denmark has confirmed that children who pedal their way to school are nine percent more physically fit than those children who are driven to school by their parents.

Statistics from Denmark show that 45 percent of all children bike their way to school. Just last September when the new school year opened, more than 140,000 children went to school on their bicycles. It was part of the nine-year-old campaign called “Bike to School” which recorded the most number of participants this 2010.

The campaign is aimed at promoting the bicycle as a means of transport in going to and from school. The organizers behind the Bike to School say they want to encourage the habit of biking at a young age. They believe that doing so will enable the kids to continue with this exercise and transportation habit until their adulthood.

Biking is not just a past time in Denmark but it’s a lifestyle. This simple form of transportation is popular among school children, adults, retired people and even among corporate executives and government officials such as the Parliament members.

Here are some statistics you may want to know about the cycling lifestyle in Denmark.

  • Every Dane covers an average of 1.1 km every day through cycling
  • 16% of all trips are on bicycles
  • 17% adult males and 36% females bike to and from work or an educational institution
  • Cycling is most popular in Copenhagen and Odense

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