Learn to Speak Danish the Unique Way

Learning a new language is always an exciting and enriching experience. This is not only for the frequent travelers but even for those who are just eager to gain knowledge on a different language other than their own.

Danish language courses today are offered both online and offline. For those who want to conveniently learn on their own from the comfort of their home, the interactive online courses are ideal. But for people who want to have a face to face interaction, there’s a unique way to do this and this is through a Danish home language course. This is a private lesson offered in the Danish capital of Copenhagen involving several sessions.

What makes this language course different is that instead of learning from a classroom structure with a teacher-student interaction, you live in your teacher’s home for about a week or so. It’s a live-in and learn style where you are given the opportunity to immerse into the real culture of Denmark. Normally, the fee you pay for this type of Danish language course already includes food, accommodation, private lessons and even outings. 

Teachers involved in this course are highly qualified so you can be sure to really learn from them. Most are university degree holders and hold a recognized language teaching qualification.

For those interested on these courses, you can conveniently book and pay online on websites that offer these private language lessons.  You can also choose the schedule and duration of the language course you want to take that is most suitable to your situation. 

The Danish language has German roots the reason why it has great similarities to the German language. Some 6 million people in Denmark speak Danish as well as some 50,000 Danes living in the northern part of Germany.  Copenhagen, being the capital of Denmark, is where more than 25 percent of all Danish speakers can be found.

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