Learning the Danish Language

Travelers who frequently travel to Denmark or do regular business in it will be happy to know that learning the Danish language has been made a lot easier than most would think. This is not only true within the country but also in other parts of the world specifically where there is an existing Danish embassy. Danish embassies and consulates are able to provide information with regards to activities that are scheduled to happen in other countries. It is no secret that learning a foreign language is made a lot easier when the learner likewise immerses himself in the culture of the foreign country.

Those who wish to stay put in their country while learning the Danish language should check if there is a Danish Cultural Institute branch in their country. Aside from having the language taught in several universities located all over the world, the Institute facilitates learning of the language in several countries as well. This makes it more convenient to learn.

In Denmark itself, there are many options available to study the language. Danish language courses are being offered in higher education institutions, the local council or the kommune, adult learning centers, private language schools, or at the Danish Folk High Schools. Fees would depend on the choice of learning option.

It should be noted that the law requires the local authorities to offer courses in Danish language and culture to foreigners. Language courses offered by formal educational institutions can be taken during regular school season or during summer. Private language teachers offer more intensive courses.

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