LEGO CHIMA: Newest Legoland Attraction

Denmark may be best known for its numerous picturesque attractions, with famous historic museums and unparalleled destinations for nature trippers but anyone who loves toys know that the one place really worth visiting in this country is LEGOLAND Billund.

An amazing amusement park housing tons of attractions like the world famous Miniland world, Polar X-plorer roller coaster and Toyota Traffic School. A visit to LEGOLAND will surely leave Lego enthusiasts inspired to keep on creating fun figures with their Lego once they get home. As though their tried and tested attractions isn’t enough though, LEGOLAND continues to add to their offerings every year, ensuring that even return visitors will be excited to see new stuff each time they come.

This year, LEGOLAND has added an interactive exhibit in the Miniland area called LEGO Chima. The Chima exhibit presents a fun way to learn more about their animal warrior tribes (lions, crocodiles, eagles and wolves). Even more impressive is the 4D movie, Legends of Chima, which will let you experience the battles between the warring tribes as you explore the different habitats in Chima.

Of course, with the many attractions LEGOLAND has to offer, the addition of Chima will make it even harder to squeeze in all the stuff you want to see in a day. So if you have time to visit the place for more than a day, make sure you do just that. And if you live close enough to Denmark, you might want to even go back and forth for a few months and get the Season Pass instead. Believe me, it’ll save you much on entrance fees.

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