Little Mermaid 100th Birthday Celebrated in Copenhagen and Around the World

The Little Mermaid may be small in stature, but it sure makes up for it in popularity and age.

With the Little Mermaid celebrating her 100th birthday last August 23rd, the Langelinie promenade in Copenhagen was jam-packed with locals and tourists alike turning up to commemorate the world-renowned statues big day. Of course, the Little Mermaid was her beautiful but stoic self, posing gamely for cameras as people snapped away for proof that they were there with for the historic day. 

Copenhagen, however, was not along in celebrating the Little Mermaid’s birthday, with reports of Hans Christian Andersen heroine being honoured around the world in major cities such as Rome, Sydney, Paris, London, and Tokyo by women clad in costumes. This is proof that Lars Bernhard Jørgensen, managing director of city tourism bureau of Copenhagen, was right in saying that “The Little Mermaid may be a small artifact compared to other great historical monuments around the world, but she captures both history and fairytale, which causes quite a stir outside of the borders of Denmark.”

Those who didn’t manage to come to Copenhagen for the famous statues birthday, or simply didn’t wish to compete with the crush of visitors and partygoers that day can, of course, always stop by anytime at the Copenhagen Harbour for a quick photo shoot. But don’t expect a totally quiet time as the little lady is extremely popular and always has visitors every day of the year.

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