Love for Drinking Sustains Wine Market

Adults love to drink wine to relax after a busy day or to enjoy a special occasion in the company of loved ones and friends. This is safe to say then the habit of drinking wine will never fade as time goes by and even in a down economy, wine will always have a special spot in places of business ranging from grocery stores to convenience stores anywhere in the world.

When it comes to people’s love for wine, count the Danes in. The Danish folks are just fond of this drink made from grape juice and aged for a long period of time to make it as great tasting as possible. In fact, this love for wine is what sustains a major part of Denmark business.

As an example, a major wine exporter in the southwest of WA, Australia admits that worldwide, sales have gone down by 90 percent over the past year. According to Julie Williamson who represents 14 Australia wineries in the Scandinavian market and who specializes in premium wines, what keeps her business going is the lower end of the market. She is happy to report that the Danes comprise a big part of her market adding that the Denmark people will likely give up food over drinking wine.

Denmark is one of the top 10 consumer countries that do not produce wine based on the 2003 report of Vinexpro and the International Wines and Spirits Record in the U.K. Others in the list are the U.K., the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Ireland and Finland. These countries are top importers of wine contributing to the market’s continued growth.

For the past years, the wine industry has been performing very well until the financial crisis hit many parts of the world. In the year 2002 alone, the global wine market’s retail turnover was pegged at $101.5 billion.

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