Modern Denmark Life: Is It The Ideal?

Most countries have the reputation of having that poor work-home balance. In fact, when people are asked, they would definitely say that their life seems like they work all the time. Every day is all about hurry and worry and that reflects poorly of their productivity or the lack of it. However, since Denmark was found that have the happiest citizens in the world, a lot of people are wondering if the modern life in Denmark is really as ideal as it seems to be.

Modern life has brought a lot of people into more challenges and more rewards for the hard work too. At this point, it may be safe to say that children are not the only ones that need a break. With the seemingly endless demands from home and work, adults feel the great need to take a break too. The only question is whether they could afford to take one or not.

Technology has made a lot of things easier for people. However, it has also broken down barriers of home life and work life. Most people even take calls even during weekends, because they simply could not take their mind off work. A call from the office or a colleague in the weekend always means urgency and usually spells importance. And yet in Denmark, citizens find it rude to make work-related calls during weekend. Perhaps this strong divide between work and home is what makes its citizens truly happy about the work that they do and the life that they live.

Everyone travels to work and yet, there is the certain kind of joy that Danes find in travelling to and from home. They ride their bikes and yet they feel happy about it. After all, biking is a form of exercise and it is during exercise that the body secretes more endorphins – the happy hormones. The case rests.

May it be scientific or a matter of choice, Danes are happier because they choose to be. Perhaps the secret to happiness rests on how you deal with the challenges of modern life. A positive perspective it is!

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