More International Schools Wanted in Denmark

Denmark is one country in Scandinavia that has a lot of employment opportunities available for qualified people from other countries around the world. For many foreign employees, Denmark is an attractive place to work and live in. This is the reason why some have decided to bring their families along to settle here for good.

Unfortunately, there are also some foreign workers having second thoughts in accepting a job and moving to this country because of a lack of educational institutions offering International Baccalaureate or IB diploma courses. This is a main concern for employees with growing children especially those about to enter high school and college.

This issue is also giving top Danish companies major problems especially in recruiting top rated employees. Business executives have actually called on the government to address the problem of international education as a way of attracting and retaining foreign workers.

A new study has found that major companies recognize the importance of international schools. The survey conducted by Heidrick & Struggles, which had human resources managers of some big Danish firms as the main respondents, ranked fifth the problem of securing a slot in an international school for the children of foreign employees. The findings were revealed during the recent International Talent Symposium hosted by the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

Another study conducted by the Copenhagen Council showed that there are thousands of waiting lists for international schools in the Danish capital. Some 2,400 children are said to be on the waiting list for international primary and secondary schools.

So far, Copenhagen has the biggest international school in Denmark which is the Copenhagen International School. Additionally, only nine high schools in the country are offering a two-year IB education which many officials say is not sufficient. An IB diploma program is recognized globally and is normally taught either in English, French or Spanish.

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