Must-See Museums in Odense

Odense, the third-largest city in Denmark and one of the oldest as well, has tons of attractions that make it a go to place for tourists passing by the country. Most visitors, however, do not really make the most of their visit to Odense, opting to check out its most popular attractions like the Odense Zoo, the majestic Egeskov Castle, and of course, famous poet and author Hans Christian Andersen’s house. And while seeing just any one of these three places will make your trip worth it, you’ll have an even more memorable time if you do visit the many unique museums that Odense has to offer.

To help you choose which museums to visit, here’s a quick description of some of three of the best and very different museums in Odense:

1. Funen Village – Funen Village is an open air museum that will give you a glimpse of how the Danes lived back 1700 to 1900s. Activities you may participate in include riding a horse-drawn carriage, beer making, and bread and soup tasting. Bringing your own packed lunch for a fun picnic is advised.

2. Railway Museum – Obviously a museum dedicated to trains, this one is the place to go if you wish to see the evolution of trains and get to walk inside real steam engines. You can take the tour around the village in vintage bus and even take a short ride on one of the old trains. And yes, this museum is right next door to the train station (Odense Central Station)!

3. Museum of Photographic Art – The only museum in Denmark dedicated to photographic art, the museum features a permanent collection of about 9000 artworks. It also has a special collection section on the building’s first level that changes throughout the year ensuring that even return visitors wouldn’t be bored.

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