New Deer Park Soon a Denmark Attraction

Denmark offers many attractions to foreign tourists visiting the country. For the nature lovers, there are lots in store in this Nordic country. In fact, a new Denmark attraction is now in the works.

Visitors who prefer to get up close and personal with wild animals will have the opportunity to do so once the largest deer park opens in Denmark land. The park has already been given the thumbs up despite oppositions from various sectors.

The latest Denmark attraction is a “dream come true” for the person who proposed the idea. The brains behind this deer park is no ordinary individual. She is an heiress and daughter of Lego owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen known to be the country’s richest person.

Sofie Kirk Kristiansen has obtained permission to put up a public woodland covering 1,400 hectares of hunting ground in mid-Jutland. When finished, the area called Klelund in the council of Vejen will become Denmark’s biggest enclosed woodland. A long fence 18 kilometers in length will be installed around the grounds.

Several groups earlier objected to the establishment of the deer park. They were the local residents and the Danish Society for Nature Conservation. The Danish Hunter’s Association also opposed the plan saying the deer population will be affected as they will eventually have lesser hiding places. The others lament the fact that because of the fenced deer park, Denmark land will ultimately have very limited open nature areas going forward.

Currently, Copenhagen is home to Denmark country’s most famous deer park situated near the Klampenborg S-train station and behind the beach. In this fenced-in park that is larger than New York’s Central Park with hilly terrain lives some 2,000 deer. The forest grounds boast of thick trees. And here’s a trivia – the spot used to be a hunting ground of the royalty for three and a half centuries.

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