New Denmark Routes Opened by Norwegian Cruise Line

Going on a cruise tour is one of the most popular forms of vacation for many Europeans. Unlike flying from one country to another or driving from one place to another, cruising is more relaxing and laid back.

The European Cruise Council (ECC) reports that in a record 4 million Europeans went on cruises in 2007 alone, a 17 percent growth from the 2006 figure. The ECC chair said the 4 million mark was their target for 2010 yet but they achieved it two years prior. This makes Europe as the new center for the world’s cruise ship industry. With these statistics, there is no question that the cruise line industry around the world continues to grow through the years.

Denmark is a popular port of call for many cruise ships traveling around the European continent. Its capital of Copenhagen boasts of a newly developed terminal that accommodates passengers who are either starting or ending their voyage there.

One of the world’s well known and major cruise liners that travel to and from Copenhagen is the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL). And for those who are planning to go on a tour via a cruise ship next spring or summer whether leisure or business travelers, NCL has opened eight new routes not only in Denmark but as well as in Norway and Sweden. From the Danish capital of Copenhagen, this cruise liner will start routes to Malta, Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Sardinia.

Norwegian Cruise Line continues to experience a strong market in the Scandinavian region the reason for the opening of new direct routes from both Copenhagen and Stockholm in Sweden. NCL officials point out that all this plus the very affordable prices they offer are aimed at providing great service to customers. Since 2008, the Norwegian Cruise Line has accommodated more passengers and for this they want to expand their destinations to provide people with more choices.

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