New Museum to Open in Copenhagen

People in Copenhagen and those visiting this Danish city have something to look forward to next month. A new and unique museum at Denmark’s largest protected industrial plant Brede Vaerk will open to the public on May 21. This is not the usual museum of historical facts but one focusing on industrial development.

The place is an exciting area to visit for both the young and old. Displayed are old machinery from the first watermills to the Lego blocks that will show visitors how Denmark transformed itself into an industrial country. Workshops and hands-on experience will be provided as well. Entrance to the museum is absolutely free of charge.

To give you an idea, the museum has three different experience sections. The first part is an exhibit showing the use of objects, sounds, light and film in depicting the history of ordinary Danes from the olden times going forward to the modern age. The concept aims to show the importance of industrial products and the inventor’s ideas behind them. Visitors will also have a peek into the future.

The second section features the biggest work areas for women in the 19th century. Here you will see the cloth mill with very large machines, the dye-works and the management office.

The third section is the “Engine Room.” Here, families will be given a hands-on experience on how to create energy with coal, produce goods on the assembly line and manage the sales of clothing. If the right procedures are followed in the small textile plant, the little steam engine should be able to run.

There will also be a special micro-website which can provide visitors with more information before they actually go to the museum or even after they have gone to the place. Starting on May 21st, this new museum will then be open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday until October 18, 2009.

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