New Year in Denmark

New Year’s Eve in Denmark is often spent with friends rather than family. Young people go to party somewhere, as everywhere in the Western world, whereas older people often have neighbours, friends or relatives over for dinner.

A traditional New Year’s dinner is steamed codfish with potatoes and side dishes like chopped, boiled eggs, preserved beets, capers and gravy. The dessert is traditionally marcipan cake.

Many watch the Danish Queen’s address to the people on TV at 6pm. In Copehagen, a few minutes before midnight the bells of the town hall start ringing. When the clock strikes 12, it is time to have champagne, sing the national anthem and other songs in order to welcome the new year, say farewell to the old one and wish everybody a happy New Year. Afterwards, everybody goes outside to watch fireworks.

On the second of January life is almost  back to normal and work starts again, though most children still have a few days left of their Christmas holidays. Most young people need the day to recover from the partying as well.

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