Odense Zoo: A Must-Visit in Denmark

It would be easy to ignore Odenze Zoo when making the itinerary for your visit to Denmark. Being often described as as medium-sized zoo, other zoos may prove more attractive at first glance. However, Odenzo Zoo has many times been called the best zoo in Europe and there is good reason why this is so.

It is a zoological garden that features at least 2,000 animals from all over the world. From Africa, Asia to South America, the animals that can be seen here are not as common as the ones that could be seen in other similar attractions. It accepts visitors all throughout the year so it is not all difficult to gain entry on any scheduled visit to the country.

Odenzo Zoo boasts of the special attention it gives to provide the animals an environment nearest to the conditions of their natural habitat. This is not only for the purpose of allowing visitors a feel of how these animals actually live but also to increase the quality of the animals’ lives even while in “captivity”. There are other activities offered to visitors such as viewing exhibits, feeding animals, and a number of enjoyable activities for children. Exhibits are clearly labeled in Danish, German, and English so visitors need not worry about language misunderstanding.

One of the most delightful ways of coming to the zoo is taking the boat from the city center. Zoo tickets can be bought before riding the boat. For more convenience, online purchase of tickets is likewise available. The zoo is located near the city and is very close to the main roads. Eating and parking facilities are available. 

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