The Original Legoland

Who would have thought that the original Legoland of the world is found in Billund in Denmark? Apart from the fact that it houses one of the biggest Lego model, it also offers a lot of Lego formations and structures that you have never seen before. If you can only count all the Lego blocks that you can find, don’t be too surprised if they turn out to be uncountable. There are about 5 million pieces in the whole of Legoland. That’s amazingly many!

The Haunted House

Inside Legoland is the haunted house so you better prepare yourself to be scared and amazed at the same time. Vampires, monsters and ghosts are just a few of the many elements of the dark that make this place even more haunted. You’ll have all those crawlies everywhere too. You can go chasing ghosts, but if you get all too excited, you might just end up laughing your way out. If you’re looking at something exciting for the entire family, then a visit to the Haunted House might just be what it is.

Great Concerts at Legoland

Take note of this in your travel diary. You shouldn’t miss all the great concerts that they have in Legoland. It is indeed a place to visit for the entire family. The kids and the parents alike will surely enjoy what they’ve got to offer. From new talents to popular stars, you can enjoy all their performances all year long. We’ve got fun competitions too that can be challenging and fun at the same time.

Experience Legoland and fall in love with Denmark all over again.

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