Party On! Experience Aarhus’ Nightlife

Want to experience Denmark’s nightlife? Then don’t miss Aarhus. This is the largest and most vibrant city of Jutland and considered to be the world’s smallest big city.  As it is a college town, it is very popular for its nightlife. In fact, the nightlife in this place is one of the best you can experience in the Jutland area.

Clubs and bars in the city of Aarhus open until early in the morning with many of them still alive with customers up until 5 a.m. Night owls seeking entertainment and some good food and drinks will love it here.

The Aboulevarden street is most famous for the unique nightlife it offers. Here you will find many pubs, cafes, bars and clubs filled with a mix of people of all genders.  Some of the cafes that open during the day become more alive in the evening as they are transformed into clubs.

Train – Situated in an old warehouse, this hot entertainment spot has three levels offering different music and ambiance.

Studenterhus – This Students’ House is ideal for people looking for cheap beer but with great entertainment. It often hosts live concerts, big parties and stand-up comedy nights.

Musikcafeen – Situated at Mejlgade, this is a favorite venue for music events and hosts some 120 nightlife events each year. It is, however, open only on weekends.

Herr Bartels Bar – This place offers the best drinks in town and has the longest bar. Open from Thursday to Saturday, most of the people who go there at in the age 30 group although the bar accepts customers aged at least 20 on Thursdays and 23 on weekends.

Glazzhuset Club – This is a popular restaurant and club for people over the age of 30.

The Blender – This club opens on weekends only and is gay friendly. It features three stories – the dance club in the basement area, the bar and café as well as the lounge area in the upper levels.

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