Party Like in Rio At The Copenhagen Carnival

Copenhagen CarnivalFor three days, Copenhagen will be filled with a rainbow of colors. Hundreds of musical bands and thousands of dancers in bright and sexy costumes are expected to go out on the streets and show off their talents at this Copenhagen Carnival.

The yearly carnival held during the Whitsun Holiday is already now on its second decade and each year, hundreds of thousands of people join in the celebration. At the main venue Faelledperaken, parties with loud sounds and lots of dancing are everywhere for three straight days. Four different tents are set up for the music fans – the Sambadrome for the samba shows, the Brazil tent for the Brazil pop and reggae, the Havanna for salsa and the Ballroom featuring showbands for those who wish to enjoy this type of music and dance.

During day time, there are musical performances courtesy of bands and local DJs playing Brazilian, salsa, reggae and blues music. Other groups also stage performances of African dance, capoeira, ballroom and rueda de casino or salsa.

The Carnival usually starts on Friday, May 21st and is highlighted by a parade on a Saturday afternoon in the city center from Stroget up until Oster Alle. It ends at the Sambadrome which is one of the four themed tents put in place exclusively for the celebration. The final day normally on a Sunday takes place with a major nocturnal parade.

Although this carnival is participated in by mostly adult men and women, there is also a special program meant for children and youngsters. Day care centers also take part in this event. The program for children usually covers workshops, performances and their very own parade on a Friday.

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