Planning Multi-Country Trips from Denmark

It is not uncommon for travelers to plan trips to multiple countries from one main country destination. Travelers who have already planned trips to Denmark may be wondering what nearby countries can be visited as well. In the unlikely situation where a traveler would have much time left in his hands to consider other country destinations, here are some information that can be useful.

Based on physical distance, the nearest countries to Denmark are Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, England, Czech Republic, and Scotland, in that order.  However, the ease of traveling to these countries from Denmark is not determined by distance alone. There are physical and logistical limitations presented to travelers.

Denmark is one of those countries which is bordered by one country alone by land. The only country which Denmark share land borders with is Germany. Sweden can be accessed from Denmark via the Øresund Bridge. Denmark has several neighbors across the sea including Sweden and Norway, as well as Canada and France with which Denmark share sea boundaries with.

One-to-two day trips to Sweden or Norway from Denmark can easily be arranged. Preferred modes of transportation include the train, bus, or plane with one of the budget airlines. The ferry is not highly recommended especially during the months of November and December as it is too windy. There is also a direct train line going to Hamburg from Copenhagen. Tickets are inexpensive especially when bought in advance.  Going to the other nearby countries would require trips by plane. 

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