The Practiced Religions in Denmark

Residents of Denmark belong to different faiths with Christianity as the most prominent. This is specifically in the form of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark. Islam comes in second due to immigration that started sometime during the 80s. Danes are generally secular though which explains why church attendance is low.

According to a poll conducted in 2010, a large percentage of Danish citizens believe that some sort of spirit or life force is out there. The percentage though of Danes who believe that there is a God and the extreme opposite who don’t are almost equal. Having or not having a religion in Denmark is considered a non-issue thus the fact that most Danes are technically agnostic presents no problem at all.

This has not prevented various religions from being practiced in the country. These include Lutheranism, Baptist Church, Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, Judaism, Buddhism, and Neopaganism. These are relatively small groups though. In as much as having no religion is a non-issue, what religion one belongs to is likewise not a main point of contention. There is absolute freedom to practice one’s faith.

One interesting fact is that the Danish Monarch is required to be a member of the state church according to the Constitution of Denmark. The recognized state church is the the most popular among religions practiced in Denmark – the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark. The state church is officially sanctioned by the government although this does not mean that the state is under the church. 

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