The Queen’s New Year Speech

With the New Year fast approaching, it is anybody’s guess what the Queen’s New Year speech will be about. Queen Margrethe II’s speech is much awaited every December 31st at 6 pm. It occupies one of the highest importance in Danish commmemoration of New Year, the other being the striking at midnight of the Town Hall clock in Copenhagen.

This practice has been observed since 1942 and has since served a rallying point for what the country hopes to achieve in the future as it recognizes its accomplishments. Queen Margrethe II has been at it from the time she ascended the throne in 1972. Her most memorable speeches are those that address the citizens on a more personal note.

The Queen’s speech or the event itself has sparked interesting online betting activities in the recent years focused on guessing what the main key words will be used. This seemingly cavalier approach to the speech by Danes who participate in such activity is not borne of any disrespect to the monarch nor to the age-old tradition. It merely takes advantage of the accepted popularity of the event.

Listening to the Queen’s New Year speech every year  is very much a part of life of Danes. They  accept and anticipate it in the same manner that they do with their common New Year’s Day practices. New Year’s Eve in Denmark is usually an event celebrated with friends unlike Christmas which is specifically set aside for family. 

This is the time of the year where many Danes are found in hotels or local clubs either taking part in hotel-offered New Year’s buffet or just plain partying with friends. As the Queen traditionally ends the year with her favorite last line “God Save Denmark” , so will Danes end their year with traditional fun.

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