A Quick Guide to Cycling Around Denmark

In most countries losing yourself is a literal expression when travelling on a bike, but in Denmark, with its prominent sign-posted cycles routes, you can see the sights without worrying about getting lost.

Denmark is one of the most bike-friendly nations in the world with over 12,000km of cycles routes that are super easy to follow thanks to easy-to-follow signs doting the entire nation. All a cyclist has to do to enjoy Copenhagen and even Denmark’s countryside on two wheels is to pick a bike route and follow the signs. 

Nature trippers who do not have the stamina of regular cyclists and athletes can still enjoy the sights on a bike cross-country by riding the train in between routes since bikes are allowed to be carried into trains. In fact, it’s a pretty common sight. This means that in Denmark, you have the option of going as fast or as slow as you want by combining train commutes and cycling.

If you’re thinking of cycling through Denmark, you must be aware of equipment regulation, especially if you’re bringing your own bike. All bicycles are required to have a bell. Reflectors are also required with the following color codes for the different bike parts:


  • White – Front of the bike
  • Red – Back of the bike
  • Yellow – Pedals and Wheels


You might be surprised to hear, however, that bike helmets are not required by the law. Still, it is a good safety equipment to always wear. 

As for families who wish to travel on bike with kids, you need to get cycle seats or bike trailers to do so.

You can also just visit any Copenhagen bike rental shop to get the necessary equipment if you can’t bring your bike with you.

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