If you think the Fourth of July is only a holiday celebrated in the United States, head out to Rebild in North Jutland in Denmark and you will probably see equally colorful Independence Day festivities. Aside from descendants of American emigrants, the Danes in Rebild honor and commemorate the friendship between the two countries and so for over 90 years the municipality marks the special date in their calendar. This hilly and rustic municipality with a population of about 29,000 is made up of three former municipalities: Norager, Skorping and Stovring.
While it may appear relatively small, there is a wealth of entertaining and educational activities that can be done in Rebild given its naturally blessed landscape of forests, heather covered hills and lakes. The Rebild National Park is one example of the municipality’s shining tourist gems – a protected site that covers over 200 acres of land. Aside from the Fourth of July celebrations, it is also the site of other major events that take place every year such as the Queen’s Ball Gala, the Opera in Rebild, numerous wine socials and many more. Those who love the outdoors will find Rebild’s Rold Skov forest and its hills teeming with endless possibilities for fun and recreation. But if you just want to stay indoors then there are also the museums worth visiting: the Fiddlers Museum (Spillemnds-Jagt Og Skovbrugsmuseet) displays historical collection on forestry, folk music and hunting; the Lincoln Log Cabin (Blokhusmuseet) chronicles the emigration of Danish communities to the US; and the limestone mines in Thingbaek Kalkminer are unique underground galleries displaying the works of sculptor Anders Bundgard.

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