Region Nordjyland Approves Naps for Workers

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It’s great to know that there are government officials who can be very considerate of other people. I’m referring to officials in northern Jutland who have given health workers on night shifts a good incentive. The effort aims to improve the workers’ health, the service they provide to patients and the patients’ safety.

Health workers on night duty are now allowed to take naps while on the job. Employees working on night shifts in hospitals and institutions can take a short nap of 15 to 20 minutes in a darkened room. This incentive makes the Region North Jutland the first region in Denmark to allow this.

A work environment consultant in the region expressed approval over this development. Inge Bolet pointed out that a nap can recharge the workers and can prevent the occurrence of errors and accidents during their work.

Nurse Bente Pedersen also revealed that workplaces that have began implementing the same rule of power napping reported that their workers drive more safely in going home after a nightshift. Region North Jutland has an estimated 800 employees who work over 300 hours each year on night duty specifically between 10 in the evening and 5 a.m.

Earlier, the Danish government started paying compensation to female workers on night duty who had suffered breast cancer. The payment system is the first in the world to recognize a connection between working nightshift and developing breast cancer. This health issue was first reported by the Workers Health and Safety Center. Meanwhile, a 2001 U.S. research that got published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that the risk of developing breast cancer was linked with the length of shift work and the number of hours per week of working during the so-called graveyard shift from nighttime till morning time.

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