Ribe: Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destination

It is not often that we can use big and small to describe a single thing or entity. In the case of Ribe, the oldest town of Denmark, these two contrasting words came together to describe it. Recently named as Europe’s Best Big-Time Small Destination in a contest conducted by an online travel magazine, Ribe has proven that age and size are certainly not obstacles to being the best.

It helps of course that it is one of the best preserved places in the world especially with its background in relation to Viking history. Its early years tell of many stories of the Viking era, making it one of the best places to see and hear of events that happened a long time ago. The stories as most locals would say are as colorful and picturesque as the physical beauty of Ribe.

The mark of this town lies in its medieval town center with cobblestone streets. There is a Viking Village manned by volunteers where visitors can expereince Ribe circa 825AD, complete with market, farmyard, and everything that can be connected with craftsmen and traders of what was once a very exciting era. Visitors can join the “Town Walk” guided tour or haunting ghost walks with the Night Watchman on specific scheduled dates.

There are a lot of other offered attractions including the Ribe Cathedral, Ribe Viking Museum, Wadden Sea Center, The Mandø House, and the Mandø Island Nature Reserve. The town is also known as a center of education. Its old buildings and more than 100 houses are under Heritage protection. 


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