If you want to know more about Denmark’s oldest town then head to the southwest area of Jutland in the Esbjerg municipality. Ribe is estimated to be in existence for over 1300 years with its foundation marked between 704 and 710 AD. The first Scandinavian church was built here in 860 AD by Ansgar and it was a major post for pilgrims who made their way to Rome. Because it was also surrounded by marshlands and close to the sea, it was an important trading port in the country.
In this charming historic little town close to the Wadden Sea, visitors will learn more about the Danish Viking culture. In Ribe, time would appear to have stood still because of the well-preserved buildings and streets. Over 100 houses and structures have been placed under Heritage Protection and visitors will have a wonderful time exploring the medieval town by foot. Some of the most notable attractions worth seeing include the Ribe Cathedral, the town’s prominent landmark which was also the burial grounds for Christopher the First and Erik Emune. There are also interesting museums like the Viking Museum which has a permanent display of artifacts from the Viking period including a full-sized recreation of a Viking ship, the Legetojmuseum which is a toy museum and the Ribe Art Museum with its collection of paintings made by Danish master artists. Ribe also has a little “Viking village” which visitors can see in the Ribe Viking Center, complete with people who walk around in Viking costumes.

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