Sights to See in Esbjerg

Denmark has many hidden gems worth discovering as much as it has its share of popular tourist attractions many of which are known around the world. But sometimes, it’s the less known spots that provide the best surprises for people particularly those who are looking for the extraordinary sights.

In Denmark, Esbjerg is one place awaiting your visit. This is an attractive seaport town on the west coast of Denmark’s Jutland peninsula. Established in 1868, Esbjerg is the fifth largest city in the country.

A popular tourist attraction in this town is the “Men at Sea” featuring four giant sculptures of white men at Saeding Strand on a wide area of the beach just opposite the Fisheries and Maritime Museum. Installed in October 195, these concrete structures stand 27 feet tall and provide a wonderful view to ferries crossing Harwich or Fano to and from Esbjerg. They were created by the late Svend Wiig Hansen in an upright sitting position and all look the same.

Other places you can visit are the old Water Tower and the Torvegade where you can see the famous “Scattering of Stars.” The stars in this place are represented by 288 points of light sunk into the cobbles to symbolize the amazing display of stars over the Torvegade night sky on January 1, 2000. 

Some activities you can in Esbjerg are feeding seals at the Fisheries Museum’s sealarium, viewing art works at galleries and museums, tour old and well preserved churches that feature stained glass paintings or attend musical performances at various venues. Different music genres can be experienced at the Academy of Music, Tobakken and The Performing Arts Centre.

Nature lovers will never get bored in this town. They can explore the rich fauna and watch the great tides of Wadden Sea, go bird watching at the Sneum Sluice or go biking or hiking in the forests, around the lakes and at the beaches.

This small city is also a major transport hub not only for rail but even for road traffic. Its port is an important area as well particularly for oil offshore activity in the Danish North Sea.

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