Skagen Winter Swimming Festival 2015

A number of people go swimming for sport or leisure.  Some would even consider it as a survival skill that everyone should have.   We often love to go swimming in beaches, lakes, pools and so on.  There are also a number of swimming competitions all over the world. 

However, in the north of Denmark, they set the bar higher with the Skagen Winter Swimming Festival, which was held on the 22nd to 25th of January, 2015.  The event is organized in the cooperation with the local Tourist Board Turisthus Nord. 

Ever wonder what it would be like to swim in icy cold water?  Some people shudder at the thought of even dipping their toe.   In this event, every morning starts with a morning sea swim at “Sønderstrand” near “Grenen”.  This gives you the chance to have a close encounter with the unique nature of Skagen.  Afterwards, you can enjoy hot drinks while you check out other programs and events. 

The Winter swimmers or otherwise known as the “Icebreakers” (Isbryderne) put their courage to the test when they meet the ice cold wind and waves.  It is a wonderful event and the atmosphere is invigorating.  After the swim, hot soup was served by Jacob’s Café.   That certainly warmed them up.


The weather may be raw and gritty but people surely enjoy themselves as they feel the excitement and enthusiasm in the air.  The “Icebreakers” enjoy their chilly dips.  It makes you wonder what it is like. 

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