Snukfest 2013: Great Location, Good Music and Hi-Tech Payment Method

The Smukfest Festival, is indeed Denmark’s Most Beautiful Festival, as it is held in Skanderborg’s famous forest – Dyrehaven.

Just like every year, the Smukfest Festival 2013 held earlier this month was a clear success, with participants enjoying not only the music but also all the other attractions and festivities that were lined up for them. From the free area called Sherwood to the crazy beer-laden cricket games and super sweet Sunday picnic, there was definitely always something going on for the festivalgoers to enjoy.

What non-festivalgoers may not realize though is that this year’s music fest was unique in that it served as a trial event for an innovative payment scheme using bracelets. Instead of using cash and credit cards, people attending the music festival paid for their purchases using payment bracelets linked to their bank accounts.

This futuristic payment method seemed to have been enthusiastically accepted by the new users with reports stating that “payments for two million Danish krone – over 250,000 euros – were made with the bracelet in a single day”. The success of the payment bracelet can be attributed not only to its good security measures, but especially to its convenience since there’s no more scrambling around to count money or look for your card. More important, the average transaction time for swiping the bracelet is just one second. Now that is fast!

So come next Smukfest, we can expect the usual great location, good music, non-stop beer and partying, and yet again – a hi-tech payment method other festivals will probably be adopting soon.

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