Sol over Gudhjem: A Gastronomy Event for Foodies and World-Class Chefs

Danish cuisine has never been more popular, thanks to the number one restaurant in the world – Noma. Though the restaurant has put Copenhagen in foodies’ bucket list, the rest of Denmark is not really something that people often relate to gastronomic delights. Bornholm, home to suppliers of the freshest and choicest ingredients of world-class restaurants in the country, seeks to change all that with its yearly “Sol over Gudhjem”.

Sol over Gudhjem” (sun over Gudjhem) is an annual cooking competition wherein the best chefs in from around Denmark battle it out in Gudjhem, Bornholm, serving 2 dishes each using local ingredients. The chefs are given “must-use” ingredients from a mystery box uncovered just 30 minutes before they cook. They need to come up with a menu description, which is also judged along with the actual dishes they serve. The judges dole out points based on taste, appearance, the use of Bornholm products, and etiquette.

This year’s competition winner is Chef Kenneth Hansen of the Svinkløv Beach Hotel, while previous years’ winners include Theis Brydegaard of Restaurant Herman (2009), Daniel Kruse of StammersHalle Bath Hotel (2010), Jesper Kirketerp of Geranium (2011), and Nicolai Nørregaard of Kadeau (2012).

So if you want to see the greatest chef’s in Denmark battle it out live, you’d better time your visit to Bornholm in time for the competition next year. The 2014 Sol over Gudhjem will take place on June 28, 2014 at the Gudhjem Harbour where it is always held. That leaves you with plenty of time to prepare for your trip!

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