Spend a Sailing Holiday in Denmark

Summer is coming to Denmark. Why not go for a sailing holiday this year? Denmark is a haven for cruise ships, yachts and regattas. With these, you have the unique opportunity to visit Denmark’s different small islands to relax and unwind with your loved ones.

Various sites are available for sailing in Denmark. The Danish waters include belts, straits, rivers, watercourses, deep fjords, lakes and streams. In these places you will find coasts and long stretch of beaches.  You don’t have to have your own boat as there are vessels for rent at affordable rates, for example at a boat charter in Copenhagen.

Did you know that Denmark boasts of 275 yacht harbours and 7,300 kilometers of coastline? And if you’re planning to go yachting in any part of the country, all you have to do is to be considerate with other guests on a yacht and to follow signs. This is because of the large number of yachts mooring at the country’s harbours.

Visitors who prefer calm waters  and a peaceful sailing experience should set sail on fjords, sounds and straits. Top favorites are the South Funen archipelago, Smalandshavet and Limfjorden.

The more adventurous people can sail in the open seas. Strongly recommended areas are the Kattegat islands of Anholt and Laeso, the Baltic or Skagen situated at the tip of Denmark.

May you always have wind in your sails! But what if your sail is broken? Fortunately, along the coast and in many harbors there are sail maker shops to come to the rescue.

Whether you want to go on board a modern or the old-style vintage boat, there is always an opportunity for a relaxing sailing holiday in Denmark. In fact, the marinas are some of the ideal places to meet the Danes who have a natural connection with waters.

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