Taking Care of Kids in Denmark

People who have been raised in countries where competition even among kids is very strong will probably get culture-shocked when they decide to live in Denmark and raise their kids there. In Denmark, the emphasis is on developing a child’s social life more than the academics. But the fact that the country can still boast of excellent educational standards just shows that the system is working.

The law makes it possible for parents to raise their kids in an atmosphere of security and independence. Childcare options for kids six years old and below are available to ensure that parents can go to work with the least worries about their children’s safety. Day care centers are manned by approved childminders. Nursery facilities are able to accept kids from six months to two years. There are even special daycare facilities for children with reduced physical and mental capabilities.

Although these services are not provided for free, the rates are capped to be not more than a fourth of the rates charged by municipal institutions. Financial subsidies are likewise offered to parents in a certain income level. Childcare options are used by all regardless of economic levels.

There is also much attention given to healthcare. Babies are expected to be visited by a nurse at home. Regular check-ups with the doctor is a must. Working parents are allowed to stay at home with their sick children with the first two days as paid off-time. The government actually does provide every reason for parents to attend to their responsibilities.


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