Tango in Copenhagen

Dancing is fun! This June, if you happen to be in Denmark, experience Copenhagen’s Tango Festival.

Tango is the dramatic dance form that can be done in a variety of styles – Argentinian Tango, Uruguayan, Ballroom which is a mix of American and international tango, Finnish and vintage. While the original steps continue to be followed, a lot of variations have been incorporated in this dance. Tango originated in Rio de la Plata and the original steps are closely associated with the Argentine and Uruguayan styles. This dance was included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists in October 2009.

The Copenhagen Tango Festival, organized by the non-profit Copenhagen Tango Society, will take place at the Ahlefeldtsgade Cultural Centre and the Kedelhallen. Latino dance enthusiasts can grab the opportunity to take tango lessons during this five-day event which will run from June 1 to 5 in the Danish capital.

The Ahlefeldtsgade Cultural Centre will host the afternoon tango sessions while the evening dance lessons will take place at the Kedelhallen. This place used to be a steam factory but has been converted into an area for cultural activities in Copenhagen. Each class will have a maximum of 12 couples only to achieve quality dance lessons.

There will be intermediate and advanced levels for the workshops to suit every participant’s dance skills. The intermediate level is ideal for the experienced social dancer who knows the basics and is moving into the intermediate tango elements while the advanced level is for those with a lot of experience not only in tango but even in waltz and milonga.

The workshops are just part of the daily activities. To cap the evening, professional teachers and dancers will show their skills with live tango music to entertain visitors and aspiring tango dancers.

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