Things to do in Osterbro

You may not find a lot of tourists scrambling to see this quiet, upscale neighborhood located north of Copenhagen’s city centre – but that is part of its charm, along with its accessibility to most parts of the city. And if you ask its residents they will tell you there is more than enough fun and entertaining things to do even if you’re just staying in the area.

From its beginnings in the 19th century, Osterbro has already been inhabited by mostly the upper middle class who built mansions, villas and big apartments in the area. Until today, it keeps a relatively affluent population of about 70,000 – not as posh as Hellerup and Frederiksberg but is “hip and cool” in its own ways. It is also known for its wide expanse of green areas and one of the most notable is the Faelledparken, Denmark’s largest public park and a popular leisure area among the locals.

During the summer, the park is a favorite venue for various cultural activities such as open-air concerts, parties and sports events. Perhaps its best tourist attraction is the Statue of the Little Mermaid, a Copenhagen cultural icon and the tragic character in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale. However, if you want to get around like the locals do, there are a number of delightful ways to pass the time in Osterbro. From museums like Den Hirschsprunske Samling which displays 19th century Danish fine art, the DanishResistance Museum and the Zoologisk Museum; the Parken which is the national stadium, and historical attractions like the Trekroner fortress and the Kastellet.

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