Things To Know Before Coming To Copenhagen

With the beautiful sceneries in Copenhagen waiting for your coming, you are sure to have that extra pack of happiness with you every single day. It is not wonder that the Danes are considered as the happiest people in the world.

Copenhagen, apart from being the capital of Denmark, is also considered the designer’s capital of the world. Everything in this city or the country as a whole is tasteful and uniquely beautiful. So before you travel to Copenhagen, here are a few facts about the city that you need to know:

Fact: Danes are happy. This may sound a bit weird, but this statement has been made official. In the report submitted to the UN, Danes have been considered as the happiest people in the world. They might be just what you need to fill your mind with happy thoughts again.

Fact: People in Copenhagen ride the bicycle. Not only has cycling become a leisure sport for them, but it has become their very means of transportation around the city. Some of them can really cycle fast. Be careful when crossing the street.

Fact: “Hygge” pronounced as Hooga by Danish people literally translates to coziness. It is a word that describes the kind of feeling that goes beyond what happiness has to offer. With this feeling comes a whole set of special clothes to wear. Get the sweaters ready and be ready for the coming of the chill of autumn and winter.

Fact: Copenhagen is known of the great number of designer stores selling the trendiest clothes, bags and shoes that everyone wants. Apart from these clothing, Denmark is also known for the exquisite kitchenware and home furnishings that will surely be a perfect fit to your home.


Fact: Copenhagen is a green city. It is one of the most industrialized cities in the world, but it remains to be very environment friendly. From the electric busses to the recycled materials that everyone is using, Copenhagen has remained a green city despite industrialization. 

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