Lying along the stretch of 230 kilometers of picturesque coastline known as the Danish Riviera in North Sealand is the quaint seaside village of Tisvildeleje. The name “Tisvilde” can be roughly translated as “dedicated to the God Tyr” and “Leje” means “plains.” With stretches of pristine beaches on one side and wooded areas on another, Tisvilde today is one of Denmark’s ideal holiday destinations where fun means exploring outdoors and basking in the unspoilt and natural beauty of the environment.
Tisvildeleje has some interesting attractions worth visiting – finding a reason to stay longer is not hard to do as well. There is the mystical Helene Spring which is said to cure any illness that man has yet to find a cure for. Legend has it that anyone who wishes to draw on the healing properties of the spring water must come on Midsummer’s Eve which falls on the 23rd of June and stay the night on Saint Helene’s Tomb which is nearby. Denmark’s fifth largest forest, Tisvilde Hegn can also be found on the western side of the town. The enchanting wooded area is perfect for a day of hiking followed by a dip in one of its many springs. Running alongside the protected forest is the Kattegat Sea with a kilometer-long stretch of white beach and dunes. There is also the 12th century church Tibirke Kirke which was built on a pagan site. At the foot of the spring is the Tyr’s Gush, a sacred spring believed to be a place of pilgrimage in the olden times.

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