Tivoli to Welcome Danish Cartoon Characters

This coming April, Denmark’ famous Tivoli Gardens will welcome into its home four new members. They’re the popular Danish cartoon characters Petzi as well as his friends Pelle, Pingo and Old Salt. Along with their good ship named Mary on which they often sail, the newest members will grace Tivoli starting on April 15 which is the official start of the 2010 summer season at the amusement park in Copenhagen.

This is another golden opportunity for families to visit the Tivoli site what with new attractions such as these cute cartoon characters and a separate playground where kids can have a chance to come up close with them. For those of you not in the know yet, the cartoon series of Petzi and friends have already sold more than 20 million copies in over 20 countries worldwide.

The Petzi’s World area inside the Tivoli Gardens covers around 1,300 square meters and will have more than 40 various exciting activities that children will surely love. Here in this specific space, kids and even adults can play for free as long as they want. Most of these activities will revolve around the stories of Petzi with an emphasis on discovering the senses. To give you a hint, there will be rope ladders that children can use to go up to the tower steeples and tunnels where kids can crawl as they go to Pingonesia.
Petzi was created by Carla Hansen and illustrated by her husband Vilhelm in 1951. The first album entitled “Petzi Builds a Ship” was published a year after. So far, more than 80 Petzi books have already been released.

Tivoli officials say Petzi’s World is their major offering this 2010 after introducing the wildest ride called Vertigo in 2009 for adventure seeking people. This new attraction will replace the old playground beside the Tivoli Lake but is larger in size.

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