Two Must-Visit Eco-Friendly Restaurants in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is at the forefront of the country’s green movement. There are even restaurants that are CO2 friendly. These are the National Museum Restaurant and Toldboden, both owned and managed by Jesper Julian Moeller. At these great dining places, the kitchen, facilities plus the food are all eco-friendly.

The Restaurant Toldboden, for instance, used sustainable materials during its renovation. It is situated in an old warehouse on the harbor front of the Danish capital and provides diners with panoramic views. Also, the furniture used in the place is made from recycled materials while the authentic dishes served here are made from organic products. So whether you’re on a diet or are just the health conscious type of person, you can enjoy great tasting food in this restaurant. Restaurant Toldboden likewise accommodates meetings of up to 600 people and other corporate events.

The Julian Restaurant, on the other hand, is situated at the National Museum and is a favorite lunchspot in Copenhagen. Here, you will have the opportunity to savor climate-friendly Danish and international cuisine. This means that the restaurant utilizes only fresh produce such as those that are grown locally and the seasonal produce. Most vegetables used are the bio-dynamic and free-range types. As for the wines, you can be sure that they’re 99.5 percent organic. They are imported from Piemonte in Italy.

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