The Ugliest Festival of Denmark

It is not quite clear how the Ugliest Festival of Denmark (Danmarks Grimmeste Festival) got its name. One thing is sure though, it has created enough interest and support for it to become a full-blown Danish festival observed annually. By industry standards, it is still considered a small festival. It is held every summer at Skjoldhøjkilen, Brabrand, a suburb in Aarhus, Denmark.

Denmark’s Ugliest Festival is actually a music festival that showcases up-coming bands, experimental artists, and underground music. What it offers is an option to mainstream music which may have become tiring for some people. It is the perfect venue for discovering new talents or rediscovering musical talents that have been there for quite some time, albeit in a different genre.

The festival is said to have started as a garden party in 2004 that had approximately 500 guests in attendance. It has since grown over the years and now welcomes at least 5,000 guests showcasing 30 to 40 bands in performance. The festival organizers have been purposely taking steps to ensure that attending this event is affordable to all, thus the low prices both for tickets and food/bar.

Festivals like this reinforce the perception that everyone has the potential to succeed in Denmark, being a country that is generally welcoming of all variations in every aspect of everyday living. The entertainment industry has many examples of success stories of people who started “small”. Denmark’s Ugliest Festival is expected to be observed for many more years to come.

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