Viking Festivals in Denmark

The Viking Age in Denmark’s history is a glorious period that has greatly shaped the country’s culture. Much has been written about it and all around the country are preserved evidences of the sea-faring traditions of these people along with historic groups that continue to promote their legacies. Definitely a colorful and entertaining part of Denmark’s culture are the many local festivals that pay homage to the Viking way of living and their legendary exploits at sea.

Here are a few of the most popular ones: Aarhus Viking Moot. One of the most popular events in Aarhus, the annual Viking festival takes place on the last weekend of July. What’s notable about the festival aside from drawing in an average of 20,000 visitors yearly is that it also attracts historic groups from all over Europe who come to Aarhus and participate in the re-creation of epic battles and stories from ages past. Vikingespil. The town of Frederikssund comes especially alive with Viking spirit around the late part of June to the early weeks of July. During the festival, over 250 volunteers don Viking costumes and perform in a series of plays and musical performances about the Vikings. The event is made more fun with the Viking Market where stalls bearing food, drinks and souvenirs can be found.

Trelleborg Viking Festival. The Viking fortress of Telleborg is another site for an annual Viking Festival that takes place during the summer. Aside from re-creating battles, there are also demonstrations and hands-on training on certain Viking practices such as warrior training, manufacture of pottery and glass beads as well as forging of weapons.


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