Watching Movies Click in Denmark

Watching a movie is one of the most popular past times of people. It’s a form of entertainment and relaxation at the same time. For people who are so stressed up, just watching a film can take their problems away even for just a few hours.

The Danes are no different. Movie watching is a popular Denmark culture and most especially during these hard times when the world is experiencing a financial crisis. Reports from Denmark’s movie industry and ticket agents showed that ticket sales to movies, theatre,  concerts and other cultural events have peaked at least helping the country’s economy. This just goes to show that the Denmark culture of watching movies helps take away people’s worries.

Figures for the month of June showed that Billetlugen’s ticket sales reached 100 million kroner and this is double the figures of June 2008 and the average monthly sales of ticket agents. Jeppe Michael Jensen attributed the high ticket sales to the music festivals in June which is apparently a yearly achievement.

Other than the musical cultural events, film viewing also had a big achievement. In the first half of 2009, the number of people going to the cinemas increased by seven percent compared to last year’s. In 2008 alone, ticket sales hit an all time record high in a span of 20 years at more than 13 million. The Danish Film Institute’s managing director said the high ticket sales in autumn 2008 and the first half of 2009 are concrete proof that people just love watching movies despite the financial crisis. A major factor seen in the increase of cinema attendance is the affordability of tickets.

The most watched film in Denmark has been “Men Who Hate Women” which sold 963,000 tickets. The movie “Angels and Demons” was only second in rank with ticket sales less than double than that of the box office hit.

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