Website Targets Denmark Bookworms


The Danes are well rounded people. They know how to live life to the fullest. They are creative and innovative. They’re real thinkers and they love to read books. Proof of this is the estimated 600 to 800 kroner worth of English language books bought by Danish people from the internet every year.

This love for books has, in fact, prompted a publishing company to sell more English language books on its website specifically targeted towards the Denmark people. Move over Amazon because Gyldendal is here to prove its worth.

In a move to become a one-stop shop type of online bookstore for the Danes, publishing company Gyldendal has decided to compete head on with the more popular sites such as For this reason, it is now selling both Danish and English books with millions of titles to choose from. And to attract more customers, the company offers very competitive prices for its books and delivers them for free unlike the other internet sites that have high shipping charges.

Gyldendal’s managing director Tine Weppler revealed they will be offering from two to four million English books in their catalogue. The publishing firm is banking on its ability to sell more Danish books as well which its close competitor lacks. It is also confident of getting a big share of Denmark’s book market.

Weppler added that they are ready to beat the other site’s prices if needed. She cited a new Dan Brown book in English that they offered on the website for 10 kroner less than the price of Amazon at only 148 kroner.

Other than books on the English and Denmark language, Gyldendal is also planning to sell books in Norwegian and Swedish beginning in the autumn this year. So you bookworms out there looking for your favorite titles, check out the Gyldendal website and find out if they mean what they say.

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