What is Copenhagen’s Midnight Race?

Running is such a popular activity among young and old folks around the world today. It’s a great way to stay in shape and enjoy the sights around the place at the same time.

Running events are normally held early in the morning for a cooler temperature. However, there have been activities organized in the evening in recent years. Again, the goal is to enjoy running without the sun and heat that can easily dehydrate the participants. 

Denmark is also not left behind when it comes to running events. For this month, it will have its yearly Midnight Race again around the streets of Copenhagen.

This event in the Danish capital features the 10k midnight race with hundreds of people taking part each year. But unlike the usual activity of this kind, this race has a festive atmosphere wherein people are in high spirits to run after dark.

Denmark had its first Midnight Race back in June 2009. This kind of race has its origins in Stockholm, Sweden. It began in 1982 and now has spread to other Scandinavian countries including Gothenburg and Helsinki.

The idea for the midnight run came from some folks in Hammarby, Stockholm who were training at the end of the 70th century. The goal was to combine sport and culture as a way to let different generations of people meet in one event.

These midnight races start late at night and participants are arranged in a certain order around the course. Spectators also line up at the routes to watch the runners.

Records have it that competitive running originated from the religious festivals in Greece, Egypt, Asia and in Africa. One of the earliest running events in the past was the Tailteann Games in 1829 BCE. It’s an Irish festival to honor the goddess Tailtiu.

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