What Danish People Are Like

Trusting and helpful – these are the two best words to describe Danes people. Dane is the terms used for the people who live in Denmark. While they may be a little bit reserved at first, they can be easy going when you get to know them. They are open minded and are described by many tourists as “easily humored.”

Danes are people who always look at the bright side of things. If you want to survive a few days in Denmark and enjoy your vacation, here are a few ideas about Danes to help you out:

  • Go ahead and make the first move. Since Danes are a bit more reserved in the beginning, all you need is to say the first hello. Soon after, most of them would be friendly, approachable and even helpful.
  • Danes are straightforward and at times may say a bit more with all honesty. They do not mean to hurt you in any way. They just avoid superficiality and all the hype that comes with it. They can be very outspoken and fun-loving all at once.
  • Danes are people who love discussions. They are very open to speaking their mind. As young as they are, they are encouraged to speak their mind and ask the questions that in some cultures may be taboo.
  • They are always one time. While they may be easygoing and enjoying hanging out, they also respect certain rules of formality. For example, Danes are very punctual people, so if you are meeting with them, make sure that you are on time.

Being the foreigner in a new land can be quite challenging. Perhaps the best thing about being in Denmark is the fact that more than 80% of the total population speaks English very well; thus language won’t be a barrier. And yet being a foreigner is also about opening yourself to new learning experiences. It is rewarding and you can definitely make it exciting. 

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