What to Explore in Legoland

Families visiting Denmark will not be frustrated at all. With several wonderful tourist spots for kids around, letting your children experience an unforgettable holiday is the right decision. And if there’s one great attraction that you and your kids should not miss when in Denmark, it’s the Legoland in Billund.

Lego is synonymous to Denmark. This popular international toy was born in this country and even has a special place built to attract kids and adults alike.

This 10-hectare Legoland park that opened in 1968 is about three hours by train from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Here, kids will have a grand time with the rides and entertainment. Popular landmarks made of hundreds of thousands of Lego bricks are here so you don’t need to go far away. Some rides worth trying out are the Lego Safari which will let you hop on a zebra-striped jeep and go past life-size Lego animals. For some adrenalin rush, the Power Builder is great to try.

Right after a whole day of touring the park, you can rest at the hotel within the complex and enjoy some more Legoland sculptures. There’s also a Legoland Village that offers cheaper accommodation for the budget travelers.

The place is actually a mini city what with its own hotel, bank, post office, tourist office and an airport.  Each year, more than 1.6 million people come to this place which makes it the biggest tourist attraction outside of Denmark’s capital of Copenhagen. Entry ticket to this unique park is 259 DKK for adults and 229 DKK for kids and senior people while children two years old and below are free of charge. The park is open daily until October 25 and then on weekends in November for the Christmas in Miniland.

Currently, there are four Legolands around the world in England, Germany, the U.S. and Denmark with this one in the Scandinavian city the biggest and oldest of them all.

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