What is the Made in Denmark Event?

What is the Made in Denmark Event? Is it an event showcasing the products of the country? Far from it. It is actually a European Tour golf tournament intended to be held annually in Denmark. The last one was held last August 2014 in Farsø. Denmark.

It is considered quite an accomplishment to have been able to bring the European Tour to Denmark. The Made in Denmark Event is seen as a valuable addition to the list of sports events happening in the country. It joins the ranks of the European Men’s Handball Championship, the World Badminton Championships, and the World Half Marathon Championships. This also comes in the light of the inclusion of golf in the 2016 Olympics, providing more incentive to increase focus on developing golf players. Efforts are now being exerted to create activities along this line.

The European Tour operates the the top three men’s professional golf tours in Europe. The organization is controlled by golfers and its primary purpose is to maximize the earnings of tournament golfers. Professional golf actually began in Europe,

Thomas Bjørn of Denmark is among the Top Ten Money Leaders of The European Tour. Denmark has yet to bag the Golfer of the Year Award although the country has been relatively active in sending representatitves to the competition. The Made in Denmark event is expected to increase the chances of Danish golf players not only for higher earnings but better performance as well.



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