What to See and Do at the Deer Park

If there’s one nature park that you should not miss in Denmark, it has to be the Dyrehaven or Deer Garden Forest Park in Klampenborg. Situated in the northern part of Copenhagen, this place used to be a royal hunting ground. Today, this is a famous recreational area where people can picnic and watch animals particularly the deer.

Dyrehaven also called Jaegersborg is rich in flora and fauna. The presence of the deer alone, a total of 2,000 of them, makes this place a great destination for families and most especially those with kids.

Be reminded, however, that you won’t see the antlers or those large horns branching out of the deer’s head during summer time. The antlers normally fall off in March or April and during the month of August, the deer start to scrape off the skin off their new antlers.

If you’re visiting the Deer Park during the months of September and October, you will be lucky to watch at a distance fight scenes between stags. This fight aims to confirm who among the males is the most dominant and who gets to breed with the female. Extra caution should be observed at this time as it can be very dangerous if you get near the stags and deer.

Besides the deer population, though, another interesting sight worth exploring here is the Eremitage Castle. Situated on one of the highest elevations in Dyrehaven, this castle used to accommodate the King when he went deer hunting. During the time of King Frederik III, the entire park area was fenced to make it as a hunting ground for the royal family. It was only in 1756 when the place was finally opened to the general public. 

Klampenborg, where the deer park is located, is known as an affluent area and boasts of its Bellevue Beach, a popular summer destination, as well as its ancient oak trees.

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